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Mission Walkthrough October 4, 2009

For the Mission Ancient Artifact:


1. First talk to the general who has a orange “!” on top of his head in the mission center–he says something about finding a artifact, for more information go to the dectective fox on the right also with a orange “!” on top of him.

2. To find where the first part is, you must complete a Jigsaw game. The picture you create is a ton of mushrooms. We go to the forest and enter the Wizard’s Domain, keep on going to the right (to the corner of the Domain,) and you’ll find the mushrooms. You will see a MONKEY’S TAIL, click on it.

3. Archie, the fox, will be hiding under the bushes. Talk to him and you will complete another Jigsaw–a coconut tree!! Head to the beach.

4. Once you go to the beach, you will find this random guy knocked out. Tell him you fear nothing and you will begin the game Coo Coo Coconuts. (Instructions will be there.) Keep on playing until the monkey head is thrown out like a coconut. Once you get it safely to the other side, you can miss 6 times to end the game and recieve the MONKEY’S HEAD.

5. You will find Archie again, talk to him, and complete yet another Jigsaw. This time once you finish the puzzle it looks like the monkey’s body is covered in snow.

6. Head to Mt. Fantage!! You will find that knocked out guy again, talk to him, and you will have to compete for the part by playing a game called Dash Dash. You need to climb on the mountain with the indicated keys (up, down, right, left,) while throwing snowballs at the ninjas. (Instructions included while beginning game.) Once you get to the top, you have earned yourself the third and final part!!

7. Head to the Mission Center and talk to Archie. You’ll be putting it together and the rest is for you to watch and enjoy!!

8. You get your medal–YAY!



For the Mad Scientist Mission:

1. Talk to Agent Scarlet in the mission center. You will then watch a short movie. After that, talk to her again.

2. After you talk to her, go to beach and in its waters. (It’s raining!!) Go to the far left side and there will be a sign that says Lighthouse. Click on it and you arrive there!!

3. You have another mini movie to watch, and this time your thrown out of the lighthouse by some robot. (Sweet.) Go back to mission center and talk to Agent Scarlet. After you talk to her, talk to her again and you are transferred to a map to find the Legendary Armour.

4. The coordinates to find all the parts are: A3, A4, C4, D1, E3, and E6. They look like colorful metal things and will stand out.

5. Its time to defeat Dr. Finkelstien and stop this nonsense once and for all, so head back to the beach and enter yourself.

6. You must play a game called Battle With the Weatherbots and there are three rounds : Tammy Tornadoe, Mark the Shark, and Zap Morris. Duck is down arrow, Jump is up arrow, and press spacebar to shoot. If you press the spacebar longer, it will charge and shoot more affective, larger, weapons. (Instructions in the game.)

7. Once you have deafeten them all, you are on with your last oppenent–Weatherbot. He has all the powers of Mark, Tammy, and Zap. Its basically “Rock, paper, scissors” except with gust of wind, water, and lightning. Wind defeats lightning, Lightning defeats water, water defeats wind. Click on one of the cards of one element and cross your fingers… Weatherbot has no strategy, its random. If you lose to him, don’t worry, you duel him again.

8.  Once you defeat yourself you are in another mini movie with Dr. Finkelstien trying to fly away with Agent Scarlet diving after him with a parachute and Huzzah, your done!

9. You get your new awesome medal!!


For the Missing Bear Cub Mission:

1. Talk to the crying gray baby bear at the forest wayyyy to the right. Talk to him, and ask him what’s wrong. He says he’s hungry and he wants fish-25 to be exact. Head to Creature Arena and play the game “Bo bo fish,” which is in the pond. You need to earn at least 25 before you can exit. You would know this because once you exit it says, “You have a bucket full of fish.” If you don’t have enough, you can’t start with the amount you got already.

2. Go back to the bear and give him his fish. He’ll then ask you another favor, which is to find his parents. His parents are on Mt. Fantage (Mountain.) Once you get there you will see bear tracks. Follow them past the cave and you are in somewhere else. You will see two bears crying in the cage. They say it needs three keys to unlock the cage.

3. The first key went to…a pirate. The pirate is at the beach, in its waters. You will duel “Rock, paper, scissiors” to defeat him. (You have to push him out of the water.) Each time you win,  it pushes the pirate a little farther. This is all about luck. After you defeat him, you get the key.

4. There is no need to go back to the bear’s parents to get a clue to  find the second key since I’m telling you right now! It went to a guy Downtown. He is between Stellar Salon and Le Shop. He is hovering over a box. Talk to him and you need to play a game of a game you’ve probably played before. It consists of three cups, and one ball in one cup. He shuffles it, and once he’s done you have to choose the cup it’s under. Remember, the ball is always under the cup it was in when he started. You play six successful rounds and he willl hand over the key.

5. The third key went to a clown girl at the Carnival. You will immediately find clown girl. You have to play a game of Simon Says for six succesful rounds and you get the key.

6. Time to free to bears! Click them to unlock them, free them from suffering and pain and give them the freedom and justice…. Ok. Well, you have a mini movie to watch and the bears are too slow so the hunter gets them. ( HURRY UP BEARS!) And a snow yeti falls. Talk to him and you have to play a game.  You shoot boxes at the helicopter. Try shooting them at four… Once it blows up.



7.  They are reunited happily ever after…and you get your medal!


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    Can u advertise my site on ur site if so i thank you SO much!

  2. theresa Says:

    oh, pls email me if theres any cheat!
    if better, add me on facebook, caz i’ll be there everyday, send me a message like this:

    this is ( your name ), i am from ( your site ), i add you caz i have a new cheat.

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    • miracle Says:

      on the cup swap just press the one he started on.It is the easiest game on there.It is like a baby game.Lol.

  3. Tameka Says:

    I am on the baby bear one…and everytime i get to the part where i have to blow up the helocopter i cant! Is there anyway you could help me! If i give you my screen name and password do you think that you could log onto my fantage and try to get it! PLLLZZZZZ EMAIL ME IF YOU CAN! I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GET IT FOR 2 DAYS NOW AND I CANT! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  4. haydn Says:

    u dont have all of them… u dont have the alien 1

  5. betty Says:

    thanks can you talk about leveling up

  6. Samantha Says:

    This helped me a lot! Thanks for posting it!

  7. this didnt work at all for the first one there were no mushrooms or monkey tail at the wizards domain! wow scam me much!

  8. thanks! that helped alot!

  9. Afra Says:

    i really love your site i have opened a new fantage cheats site. can you please advertise it please.

  10. government reporter Says:

    ooh plzzz log this site is gonna be banned by the government
    i am the reporter writing sorry but close it by 2nd august or its gone

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